No one can live without space. Space to live and to grow. Residential and working space. Space for action, for relaxing and space to slow down and enjoy nature. Where can you do this better than at Lelystad, a city that breathes freedom, nature and water. Where there is space for everyone. Lelystad gives space!

A little history
Construction of Lelystad actually began some time before the Eastern part of Flevoland was drained. The oldest part of the city, Lelystad Haven, was already constructed in 1950. Only fifteen years later the foundations for the rest of the city were laid. And the first inhabitants of this part arrived in 1967. The Lelystad city planners wanted to create an attractive residence location for those who had enough of the hectic life at the Randstad area. Lelystad was meant to become a green city.

Lelystad is the future
And a surprisingly green and adventurous region's capital it has certainly become. One with a beautiful and unique coast line, with aesthetically pleasing residence quarters and facilities. Here in the heart of The Netherlands, work and relaxation meet and dreams are realised. This goes for inhabitants, visitors and entrepreneurs alike. Lelystad gives space because the air we breathe is for everybody, just like our city. We are proud of the great variety Lelystad has to offer. And with much pleasure we invite you to come over and experience this for yourself. Look further and experience Lelystad.
Experience some culture and history. Shop without limits.
Apart from space and nature, Lelystad has all the amenities of a modern town. Culture lovers find a wealth of options. So do visitors who love extensive shopping. Take, for instance, the Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet. Each year it attracts more than two million visitors! But also the Nieuw Land Erfgoedcentrum (new land heritage centre) and the Bataviawerf (Batavia shipyard) are popular with visitors of all ages. Fascinating museums where history comes to life again! Out for lunch or dinner? No problem in Lelystad. Enjoy a glass of wine or a wonderful meal at the harbour, with view over the water. Or head for one of the cosy terraces in the heart of the city.

Remarkable architecture
Also regarding architecture, many exciting discoveries await you in Lelystad. At the coast you will find the landscape art Exposure, created by Antony Gormley. A must-see. Same goes for the impressive Agora theatre designed by architect Ben van Berkel, the Zilverparkkade plan created by Adriaan Geuze or the Bataviahaven by Rob Krier. You'll find dynamic night life in the modern heart of the city featuring beautiful shop galleries, a theatre and a cinema, a cultural centre and a pop concert stage. In addition, Lelystad organises a bigger number of special events, such as the Batavia haven days and LelystART, to initiate the cultural season each year. Lelystad provides space for entertainment and fun.

Special wildlife
Want to go on safari in Lelystad? You can! The internationally well-known nature reserve ‘De Oostvaardersplassen’ is open each day for hikers with a heart for animals. In this natural marshland thousands of bird species live; among which the sea eagle, the marsh harrier, the buzzard and the cormorant. Here you also can meet, all of a sudden, impressive grazing animals such as Heck cattle, Konik horses or red deer. Natuurpark Lelystad features countless animal species, too. Wild pigs, beavers, wisents and Przewalski horses: Any of them you could spot in this park.

Wonderful forests
Apart from the Oostvaardersplassen and the Natuurpark, Lelystad is surrounded by forests like the Overijsselse Hout and the Houtribbos. There also is the Zuigerplasbos, designed and maintained as urban forest with lake Zuiderplas at its centre. A fantastic wide, green area where you can greatly enjoy hiking, cycling or fishing. And those who love adventures can follow the Flevospoor:  A hiking trail of 46 mi (75 km) length across rough grounds. In other words: Something for every taste and preference. Finally, a wide network of cycling, hiking, skating and horseback riding routes will lead you to the most beautiful and unusual places of Lelystad where nature still is allowed to follow its very own course, undisturbed. Lelystad gives space to nature.