Lelystad is conveniently situated; easily accessible by public transport, such as train or buses. The city centre and the city hall both are very close to the railway station.

A charging station for the public transport ticket (OV chipkaart) can be found at the kiosk at the station forecourt ('Stationsplein').
At the kiosk ‘Spoorzicht’ nearby the NS-stationstraat is a charging and retrieval station for the public transport ticket (OV chipkaart). The kiosk is open daily and is situated close to the station. It offers the option to load public transport chipcards and to retrieve public transport products previously bought via Internet. Go here to find the nearest card loading station.

Travelling by train
From train station Lelystad there are various direct train connections to Almere, Amsterdam Centraal, Schiphol and Amsterdam-Zuid (Amsterdam South). From these, you can change to additional destinations. Also, since December 2012 there is a train connection between Lelystad and Zwolle, the Hanzelijn.

Regiotaxi Flevoland
Public transport, from door to door, for everyone, seven days a week. With the Regiotaxi Flevoland you travel comfortably towards your destination.

Car sharing
Travellers using public transport at Lelystad also have the option to participate in car sharing. Users will pay just for the actual use of the car, not for the costs of owning it.
• Green Wheels
• Connectcar

Travelling by bus
Arriva is the company operating the city bus transport in Lelystad.

Special offers with line 7 Lelystad (circulates between Bataviastad and the Aviodrome)
Triple pleasure offered: You will inexpensively travel through Lelystad with the Arriva bus line #7, combining most beautiful cultural offers with nice shops and restaurants. While doing this, you'll get special discounts and participate in great sales actions. Only for travellers with the line 7 in Lelystad! Click here for more information about bus line 7 in Lelystad

- See more at: http://www.vvvlelystad.nl/praktisch/openbaar-vervoer?sc_lang=en#sthash.U0TOi4vx.dpuf