The Oostvaardersplassen

The Oostvaardersplassen are nature at its purest. Never have humans lived here, or created buildings. Nature here evolves completely independently; in a way which was not considered possible in The Netherlands. Nature continues to evolve and to change. Everything is interconnected. It is eating and being eaten, the circle of life. A glimpse in mother nature's kitchen. The Serengeti in the polder.

The Oostvaardersplassen
Right at the centre of one of Europe's most densely populated areas, in a land where almost every square metre is shaped by humans, the Oostvaardersplassen are found. Here, a most unusual experiment is taking place, certainly for The Netherlands: Nature may evolve without human interference. Result is a real wilderness right in the midst of the Flevopolder which itself is only 40 years old. The landscape of the Oostvaardersplassen differs from any other Dutch landscape. Seen internationally, this piece of spontaneously evolving nature, situated below mean sea level and close to Amsterdam, is truly unique. It serves as global example for the development of a new vision regarding nature and the role of humans in it. The area is still widely unknown because biggest part of it is protected from human interference. Nevertheless, there are many options for activities here at the Oostvaardersplassen, such as an open air visitors centre and various hiking routes.
For more information see our dedicated site: Open air visitor centre.

The new wilderness
Still, biggest part of the Oostvaardersplassen remains little known or popular. EMS FILMS was the first to get an exclusive permission to film inside the Oostvaardersplassen during all seasons. The team wanted to show the soul of this flourishing marshland: Both a sensual and emotional confrontation, apt to convey the fine-tuned interplay and variety of elements and species within this ecosystem.
The new wilderness is a spectacular film. It shows the unique beauty together with the rough wilderness of this special and precious area. Intention is to surprise spectators and to amaze them about the ingenious and delicate ways in which the ecosystem is functioning in this wild piece of nature.
Find more information at the website of the new wilderness.