Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

Those who love fashion must visit Batavia Stad
At Batavia Stad you can shop smartly and in style: Fashion lovers can enjoy over 100 shops which per default will give a 30 - 70% price reduction on their collection. More than 250 big brands can be found here; their products range from children's to sports fashion, from men's fashion to lingerie, from shoes to perfume and from chocolate to interior. Every day special offers, price reductions and actions will be offered to perfectly complete your shopping trip at Batavia Stad.
Would you like to pause your shopping, have a chat or some tasty food? Visit one of our hospitable grand cafés or restaurants then. They'll offer you fine coffee with pastries, substantial lunches or a wonderful 3-course-meal. Apart from shopping there is much to see and experience near Batavia Stad as well. You could, for instance, stroll through the adjacent shipyard area, the Bataviawerf, where a replica of the famous ship De Batavia is being built. The Markermeer is just a short walk away and in the Nieuw Land museum you can once again experience the history of Flevoland.

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